History & partners


The Economic and Cultural Office of Taipei in Spain seeks to strengthen ties between the island and Spain. On a cultural level, it establishes collaborations with Spanish institutions and entities from different fields to support Taiwanese artists and the cultural relations of Taiwan with Spain.

The Economic and Cultural Office of Taipei in Spain contacted Homesession in 2014: Homesession is then one of the entities with the longest experience in organising residencies for visual artists in Spain. Since 2007, it has received international artists in Barcelona and supports the local artistic scene, through research, production and public programs (exhibitions, workshops, etc.)

“Cultural interchange and networks.”

Both entities agree on the relevance of establishing closer links between two cultural scenes that do not have sufficient mutual knowledge, especially in the field of visual arts. To do this, they decide to organize, on an annual basis, a residency for Taiwanese artists, which allows to establish links between both scenes and to ensure the diffusion of each context’s practices.

It is agreed between both parties, to organise a yearly call for residency, in which the Economic and Cultural Office of Taipei in Spain, through the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan, has a role of local diffusion toward the Taiwanese artists and Homesession a role of direction, organisation and curatorial follows-up.


Thanks to this, Yu-Hang Huang is the first Taiwanese resident hosted by Homesession in 2015. Her residency is organised according to the scheme that Homesession has been using over the past years: for two months, the residency articulates moments of research, networking with local actors, support for the production of an exhibition or public project, diffusion and organisation of the public presentation event.

From 2015 to 2019, artists Yu-Hang Huang, Chun-Chi Wang, Shao-Hung Cheng, Veeeky, and Shu-Jung Chao followed. Chun Chi Wang’s more curatorial profile made it pertinent, in addition to the production residency, to connect the residency with the Polaritats educational program that Homesession implemented with the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona.

“A great diversity of practices.”

Every year, new practices and new approaches show the great diversity of Taiwan’s contemporary scene. Despite our will, the 2020 residency finally had to be canceled due to the mobility restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 crisis. However, the program is still active and, more than ever, the partners consider it’s an essential framework to generate new interactions between Spain and Taiwan.