Shao-Hung Cheng


The curator Shao-Hung Cheng used his residency to continue his research, which he shared with a talk and an exhibition based on the archives and work of the artists he is interested in. These documents included a primary source written by the Spanish during their occupation of northern Taiwan in the seventeenth century, photographic copies of works by Philippine artist Henrielle Baltazar Pagkaliwangan on the sugar industry in Negros (Philippines), and finally propaganda recently launched by the Taiwanese government on foreign trade policies which recalls the thinking of colonisation. By relating and putting the documents Cheng shared his efforts to create a network connecting different periods of time and regions in the hope of creating a way of us understand the world we live in better.

Documents used in the presentation were supplied by: Fabio Yu-Chung Lee, entitled Taiwán Histórica, the Tin-aw Art Gallery of the Philippines and the artists Henrielle Baltazar Pagkaliwangan.