Shu-Jung Chao


Shu-Jung Chao conceived her project from a mental panoramic landscape which took form over city in which she had just arrived: in it the sea acts as a mirror for reflecting on the human condition.

Can we measure the influence of the landscapes that we find in the construction of our personality and our gaze? Our personal experience promotes constant changes for our identities in both time and space; changes which we could possibly compare to the separating of the continents and the tectonic plates – imperceptible, but powerful movements which cause faults and meeting points and can even merge or swallow lands.
Through her images and sounds, Shu-Jung Chao’s project is presented as an experience for the viewer in which nostalgia, displacement, psychogeography, pursuit of utopia and heterotopia are evoked and mixed.

In the words of the artist its is a question of “guiding the viewer through a drifting of the senses, where sounds and visuals awaken a complex feeling of alienation, an experience in interaction with the outside world which could result in each person’s consciousness in the form of collisions and reverberations in constant expansion”. The audio series are a composition which unite the sonorous landscapes of everyday life and memories of different people taking part in the project in the form of songs and poems. The soundtrack extends the vision of the video presented, broadening its field and its atmosphere with the intention of offering an immersion in a disturbing atmosphere as a strange and disorientating experience.