Yu-Hang Huang


Yu-Hang Huang is currently studying the PhD programme for Transitional Art at the National University of Education of Taipei, while also teaching at the same university in the Faculties of Fine Art and Design, and in the Faculty of Telecommunication of the Fu Jen Catholic University. Huang received the annual grant for Asian artists from the Vermont Studio Center (USA). Her works have been selected for the Biennial of Women Artists in Incheon (Korea) and in the Art Biennial of Taiwan in the National Fine Arts Museum of Taiwan. She makes multimedia and video art installations and through her work she investigates fluid identities, from migrations to personal memory, all with creative ends.


First of all, please briefly describe your project with Homesession. Did the idea arise during the residency or did you go with a project or pre-project in mind?
My artistic work has always been related to migration and identity. During my period in Homesession i interviewed around ten artists and invited them to choose something which had brought them from their countries to Barcelona and explain the sentimental value attached to those objects. I asked three questions:

1. Why emigrate to Barcelona?
2. Why this object?
3. What influence does this object have?

Later, and taking these interviews as my base, I created a representation of them, objects that would belong as much to me as to the artists interviewed. In doing so I wanted to reflect the connection between us, being all of us immigrant artists.

“ My artistic work has always been related to migration and identity.”

In the specific context of your residency with Homesession, how far did the context influence the way you carried out the project?
Textiles. In Spain you can find a range of printed fabrics in bright colours. Although my intention is not to incorporate them in my work the warmth that their vivid colours give off has made a great impression on me: the passion reflected in the culture of southern Spain.

In depth research/trying out/a break: Which of these applies best to describe your residency and why?
Before I came to the residency I was so busy that I did not have time to reflect or create. Later, during my stay ay Homesession, solitude and curiosity incited in my desire to explore Barcelona. On one occasion, since I was not familiar with the bus network, I decided to go on foot to another artists’ residency, Hangar, and take advantage of that to get to know the city better. I walked for seven hours.

Specifically, has there been continuity in the line of research or the project you showed with Homesession?
Previously I had only been to Europe once and so I do not know most of its cities. Barcelona is the first city where I have had the opportunity to live for a short time and to explore. Thanks to my research work during the period I was involved with Homesession, I have been able to get to know the city of Barcelona as well as the cultural activities that take place there. I have also been able to understand why many artists choose to move to this city. I have even been able to understand the reasons behind the independence movement in Catalonia. For me this has been a cultural journey, and this culture is the result of many years of fusion between the local culture and others. This not only makes Barcelona a unique place but it has also created a beautiful and very special culture. For an artist this is a city full of beauty with an extremely liberal atmosphere. Bringing so many artists together means that its attraction and cultural diversity is even greater.

How important is it to you to show your work in another country?
Previously I had a residency in Vermont Studio Center (USA) and also artist residencies in Taiwan. Located in a remote location, at Vermont Studio Center it is possible to work undistracted. The residency provides daily meals and the artists meet to eat and can then take advantage to interact and chat.

Do you think that this residency had an impact, with directly or indirectly, on you artistic career and in what measure?
I hope that in the future I will have more opportunities to participate in other artists’ residencies as II am especially interested in immigration and the resulting culture. During this experience in Barcelona I have realised that many artists decide to move to Europe because it is a place that emanates artistic and cultural charm and also one that incentivises research.