Yu-Hang Huang


It was from his experience of emigrating to Canada from Taiwan that led Yu-Han Huang to make a dense body of work on processes of acculturation and displacement involved in migrations. The project Fragment presented in Homesession is in part an extension of that work, based on research in Barcelona: the video shows interviews with different migrants in the city and the story of their new cultural context.

The artist asked them if he could share the stories based on a set of objects, which form part of the individual memory and experience of displacement. The objects are a set of white models, their forms diminished by the choice of material. In this way Yu-Han Huang uses a process of formal translation to reflect the tension between the individuality of reference and the universality of anthropological reality.

Photographs also document the residency and the artist’s discovery of the city, adding to the anthropological reading a layer of personal reflection in which local cultural objects acquire a new sense thanks to the filter which is displacement.

Another piece in the exhibition, Wall, goes deeper into that reflection: bricks in different colours that remind us of human skin, weave together different points of reference. In addition to the allusion to borders with walls, the brick can be interpreted as the rear or hidden side of western architectural monumentality: the visual impact that Yu-Han Huang attributes to this monumentality from the position of an outsider and the colonialist implications of the buildings are food for contrasting reflections. The brick is also a reference to the conjunction between the phenomenon of reverse migration in Spain and the years of economic boom in which the construction sector was at its height. The project is constructed with the reading (omnipresent in the ambit of migratory policies) of the human being as a resource and its place in parallel to the personal experience of the migrants.